• Visit Sri Lanka 4/22-4/27

    Hello everyone, i hope you are well as always. I’ve been very busy during Japan tax season from December to March. I tried to write blog, but I could not do it because tax matter occupied in my mind. I am visiting Sri Lanka from April 22 to April 27...more

  • Happy New Year 2019

    Happy New Year in 2019, wish you all good year of BOAR. As you know we celebrate new year. New year holiday starts around December 29th to January 3rd. As I am doing independent business, I was working all the holiday, but also enjoyed holiday , cleaning rooms for welcoming...more

  • Income tax returns JP

    Tax season is coming soon, I hope you to be ready for tax matter. For individuals, tax calculation period is from Jan.1st to Dec.31. and its deadline is next March 15th. If you lives in Japan on or more than 5 years, you need to file world wide income. If...more