Profit Planning

There are various names such as profit plan, financial plan, management plan and so on. It is a plan, so it means to make a prediction such as “If we continue like this, it will be like that” or “If we do this, it will be like that”. If you are planning to make a big investment, you need a long term plan, but for now, a short term plan (such as 1 year) is effective to move forward.

If you have never made such a plan, give it a try. Now you can save money by using government subsidies to pay consulting fees to a third party.

Of course we can help.

This assistance project is called the “Post Corona Sustainable Development Plan Project”. You and the consultant called as “the innovation support organization” will work together to create a plan, which will then be shared with the financial institution. By quantifying what you have drawn in your mind alone and sharing it with others, you can work on it with a sense of seriousness, and you will also be informed of the progress, whether it is good or bad, so it will not become just a piece of a picture.

  • Your business model

Illustrate the revenue structure of your business and the flow of transactions. By reviewing it, you will notice some surprising points, and you will be able to talk about them in a well-worded way, for example, when you are interviewing for a new order.

  • Financial results and financial plan

We analyze your past performance and make a financial plan for the future. Without money, nothing can start. We make predictions, both good and bad, so that you can focus on your business and not on the daily bother of cash flow. If it’s not good, we’ll start thinking about how we can get the money to cover it now and in advance.

  • Action plan

This is also very difficult. You have to be very calm and work on giving things that you need to fix. Everyone wants to affirm themselves. We all have pride. If your business is not doing well, it’s still on you. Something is stopping you from doing your business and you have to work on digging into that.

Once you see what you need to fix, you can find something that complements it. Be it a person or a thing.

Then you can get to the point of what actions you can take to make your business work.

  • Quantifying the plan

Once the painful 3. process is over, all that’s left is to quantify it. If the cash flow is OK again based on what you have quantified, then it’s a GO.


The process is like this.


  • Your cash flow has been unstable lately.
  • I don’t know the cause, but sales are down.
  • Objective understanding of the company’s business situation
  • I want to take action as soon as possible before the business performance worsen.
  • I need management advice from an expert.
  • I want you to follow up on your management improvement efforts.

If this is the case on you, we encourage you to take advantage of the Post-Corona Sustainable Development Planning Project.

Yoshimoto Tax  Services will assist you. Please contact us!

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