Consumption tax: Qualified invoice Q15

Yesterday, I was invited by client to watch the dance festival celebrating the 10th anniversary of CID UNESCO. The president’s wife is the representative of CID UNESCO Ashiya and also a dancer and teacher of Kathak, a North Indian classical dance. In addition to Kathak, belly dance, South Indian classical dance, Japanese dance, and jazz dance were performed at the dance festival. All of them were wonderful, but the North Indian classical dance was the most beautiful!

Everyone was dancing and had great style. I wonder if I should learn it too….


Today, we will learn about Qualified Invoice Q15.

Q15 is about the procedures to be taken when a company closes its business or merges with another company.

If you submit a “notification of discontinuance of business” or “notification of dissolution of corporation due to merger,” your registration as a Qualified Invoice Issuing Business Operator will lose its effect on the date of discontinuance or dissolution.

Further information, please see below attached.




20220902 Q15のサムネイル

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