Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year in 2019, wish you all good year of BOAR.

As you know we celebrate new year. New year holiday starts around December 29th to January 3rd. As I am doing independent business, I was working all the holiday, but also enjoyed holiday , cleaning rooms for welcoming new year, cooking foods for new year. I always take bath just before 0 am on January 1st. I like listening to 108 times bell ringing. After that I go to shrine where downward from my place. I live in top of hill. So when i go down to shrine, it is very easy to go but returning it is very hard. I took rest many times. Shrine of my place dedicates to Amaterasu Omikami and praying place is for direciton to Ise Shrine.

In shrine, we say thank to God and happy new year, buy Ofuda and Omamori for safe and piece, pull Omikuji like fortune teller. Omikuji said I should be careful not to taken in and listen to good , honest person advise.

During holiday, relatives gather all, visit to grave, visit shrine, prepare foods and drink, meet friends, etc so many events. So it is hard days than working actually.

I hope pieace and beautiful year for everyone,

Best regards from Atsuko Yoshimoto

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