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Visit Sri Lanka 4/22-4/27

Hello everyone, i hope you are well as always.

I’ve been very busy during Japan tax season from December to March.

I tried to write blog, but I could not do it because tax matter occupied in my mind.

I am visiting Sri Lanka from April 22 to April 27 , where I have plan to have meeting with Japanese client in Sri Lanka.

Acccording BOI survey, investment from Japna is about half of all investment. No1 is China and Hong Kong, No3 is Malaysia, No4 to No.10 are EU and USA, and next is Japan of all 20 countries.

I am happy more and more investment from Japan and want to support as possible I can.

Phone call from Japanese company came to us the other day, they already invested to Sri Lanka and they are now prepareing to start business.They need to control money, materials. personnel in Sri Lanka, that’s why they contacted us.

I am very happy to hear that and it is good timing before visiting Sri Lanka.

Well, I use Cathay Pacific Air for Sri Lanka via Hong Kong where I will meet Hong Kong man and discuss business matter. Whenever visit Hong Kong, money is good luck for me!


We support Sri Lankan investment to Japan as well.

Atsuko Yoshimoto, qualified tax accountant, can go between Sri Lanka and Japan,

Face to face meeting, good communications.

Please feel free to contact us,

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